Coming and goings

Wow, what a week!

Had a gall bladder flare up and had to figure out what triggered it, not real happy but it seems sausage is on my no no list (but i love sausage gravy too much to give it up, so we shall see).  Jr, my son was sick most of the week, right when we were trying to play catch up with his homework and testing.  But it hasnt stopped us from busting our can to get it all done.

Hubby hasnt felt good for the past week, I am kinda thinking the idea of another heart operation looming over him is really getting to him, even if he tries not to let it show.  We just have to deal with his ever changing emotions, perhaps the surgery will put him back on the right track.  I hate not knowing how to approach him and how he will react.

Jr turned into a teenager yesterday.  He says it is just another day, but its a special day since he is entering a different phase in his life.  He got a check from his grandmother yesterday, and he has decided that he will be buying pizzas for dinner tonight. Which that was awesome of him to share with his make it even better and kick it up a notch, I told him my gift to him would be to add onto dinner...I am going to make garlic bread, cinnamon buns with that glaze, chocolate peanut butter bars and churros...I have never seen a smile so big in my life...I think I made his day.  And I had a pint of honey vanilla frozen yogurt in the freezer and to end the day we split that little carton of ice cream between us...made his night.

I will be doing something a little different on here starting today.  I came in contact with a gentleman from a company that produces a line of high end hair care products and skin care products.  We will start out with "before" selfies, and take selfies all during the testing phase...and then a final selfie to show how much our hair has changed because of using his products.  These products are used by some very well known individuals in hollywood...I will also review and describe each product that is used.  These products are all natural, all natural ingredients.

So, my dear readers, you have a lot to look forward to, because beyond that product trial, i will be posting some really great recipes that I have tried this past version of devilled eggs, my version of curried tandoori chicken, etc....keep your eyes open and try not to drool on your keyboard lol.


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