Spring Cleaning....OH NO!!

Ok, now that the family is finally well again after having a major case of the flu (so much for taking the flu shot)...It is time for spring cleaning...which I have been trying to do, but it isnt easy with all these sicklings underfoot.  But I am going to make this as painless, fast, easy and cheap for myself and all of you out there...Dont you hate having to waste so much money on cleaning products for the bathroom, kitchen, all purpose, toilet, etc??  I am going to tell you a cheap and easy solution so that you can eliminate all of that awful house full of harmful chemicals.

There are a lot of recipes for all purpose cleaners out there but the one that works, and doesnt make a mess, is.... first of all get one of those all purpose spray bottles, measure in 1/2 cup white vinegar, 1/2 cup palmolive dishwashing liquid (original or anti bacterial)...it makes it more concentrated and you can add 1/2 cup of water if you wish, it depends on how concentrated you want it, I do add the water, because i cant use real harsh chemicals...at least this is pretty much natural, there is no chemicals to hurt small children or animals. shake it to mix it up. then this can be used in the bathroom, kitchen or anywhere that needs a clean up. just spray it on, walk away for about 15 minutes or so then come back and spray or wipe down...and yes, this can be used in the toilet as well, tho the best toilet bowl cleaner is actually efferdent denture cleaner..just drop two or three tablets into your toilet bowl and let it fizz...then just take a brush and get the little ring that may be left, it will wipe right off...no elbow grease needed...and a lot cheaper than buying all the fancy, expensive cleaners.

Hope this helps everyone that doesnt want to make room for a shopping cart full of cleaning products.

Back later today with some recipes for ya, and I will look around and see if I can do some reviews as well.


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